isNeatPublish Product Features

Product Summary

isNeatPublish  allows automated deployment of SQL Server Integration Services 2012, 2014, 2016 objects. It couples with isNeatPublish.XmlGenerator which is a UI that accepts user input (sources such as packages, variables, etc and targets such as the destination SSIS instance connection string, folder locations, etc) related to the deployment and generates an XML configuration file that is used as input for isNeatPublish.

Feature List

  • Automated publishing of
    • packages
    • catalogs
    • environments
    • variables
    • SQL agent jobs
  • The isNeatPublish executable is run from a command line and is thus ideal for Continuous Delivery/Integration (CI) environments as well as allowing simple integration with automated deployment tools such as TFS, Octopus, TeamCity, Cruise Control, Anthill, etc
  • For non-file objects that are purely definitions such as subscriptions, schedules, linked report definitions, and object properties, as well as deployment automation, the definitions are stored in a file and hence can be source controlled
  • For ease (and speed) of use isNeatPublish couples with a front end isNeatPublish.XmlGenerator, that allows the user to specify exactly what is to be published via a convenient user interface (UI). Hence isNeatPublish.XmlGenerator allows creating and editing of the file that is used as input into isNeatPublish
  • isNeatPublish.XmlGenerator allows the importing of source/targets and configuration settings from SSIS project file (.dtproj) or SSIS deployment file (.ispac) for quick start


For step by step instructions see the Quick Start page for more information - the page also contains a reference guide which outlines further detail around installation and general use of the utility